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Meet The Trainer – Caroline van Egteren

U of A Kinesiology Degree


I was always involved in sports and enjoyed working hard during practice and games. I never really stepped foot inside a gym. As I got older and was trying to decide what I wanted to do, helping people in the gym seemed a great way to go. Going to NAIT and learning how to perform all the movements properly allowed me to go from not knowing at all what I was doing in the gym to creating the same confidence in others.


4 years

Training Philosophy:

Meeting people where they’re at.

Client Success Stories:

My client has had their quadricep muscles removed in one leg. When we first met, I was not sure what they would be able to do and what we could accomplish together. We can do quite a lot. They went from being unable to hold their leg up during a plank to doing “stir the pot” on an exercise ball. Their functional growth continues to amaze me and makes me think that the body is capable of more than you think if you give it the opportunity to prove itself.

Advice for Beginners:

Going to the gym can be intimidating, but finding a partner or trainer that gives you the confidence to continue showing up can be key to lasting behaviour change.

Overcoming Challenges:

Something I have noticed my clients say a lot, in the beginning, is, “I feel awkward doing this”. People are worried if they’re doing something correctly, especially if it’s unfamiliar. By reaffirming that it’s okay to not be perfect right away and that I’ve been doing this for a few years – of course it will look easier when I do it. My skills are because of practice, let me help you practice too!

Favorite Workout:

I enjoy workouts with heavy dumbbells. Makes you feel strong!

Personal Fitness Goals:

I want to be happy and healthy, continue managing my chronic pain, and improve my body weight exercises (chin ups, single leg squats, etc.)


Video games. Taking my two dogs on adventures. Camping. Reading. Gardening. Language learning.

Inspirational Figure:

I don’t really have anyone like that! I never have. I think about the type of person I want to be and I strive towards that.

Fun Fact:

I was classically trained in singing for 2 years.