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Meet The Trainer – Jordan Johnson

ACE Senior Specialist


My family is heavily involved in Sports. My dad whipped pucks at me when I was old enough to stand in the net. I trained with a friend 15 years ago, and to see how he went from injured and depressed to flying around on the soccer field gave me great joy, and thought maybe training was my thing!


10 + years and counting

Training Philosophy:

Top-down, inside-out approach. Leave no stone uncovered. Everything in the body is so connected. I like using every available tool and modality to improve one’s health and fitness and put all the pieces of YOUR puzzle together.

Client Success Stories:

In one of my first few years of training, I had a lady who was suicidal and had given up hope in her weight loss and fitness journey. She was always quiet and often looked down at the ground. We ended up winning a city-wide transformation challenge and she never looked back. Oozing confidence and even has a following of people that she now pays it forward…..she’s almost a little too confident now!

Advice for Beginners:

Have fun! Find exercises that you find enjoyable and figure out what drives you to keep coming back. For me, it’s always been sports. I love getting more athletic and strong in the gym and seeing it translate onto the court. Woah….those workouts really did help!

Overcoming Challenges:

Simplifying challenges along with many past stories about trainees who went through similar challenges. Failure is a great thing in the gym. Often you need to fail several times before you can succeed. So let’s fail today!

Favorite Workout:

My personal favorite workout has always been plyometric or jump workouts. There’s nothing like a super packed gym and everyone in shock seeing the short white guy dunk.

Personal Fitness Goals:

My personal goals for this year is to switch my shooting hand in basketball. It’s been good and bad so far this year but I love the challenge and love seeing it go from awful to hey that’s not bad.


During COVID, I fell in love with cooking. I think I watched every single Gordon Ramsey video out there also really enjoy comedy; maybe try stand up 1 day??

Inspirational Figure:

My grandfather was always my idol. I still do a lot in his honour and even wear some of his old clothes. Jean jackets are back in style right?

Fun Fact:

I used to compete in in-person halo gaming tournaments with my friends… we were undefeated… no lives, but undefeated.