SEMI-PRIVATE Personal training with you and up to 2 other individuals.

Share the cost of a personal trainer, doing your own customized program that is tailored to your needs and goals based on a consult and assessment. These semi-private personal training sessions are with up to 3 others whom you may or may not know.

It is NOT group training.  Group training is where everyone is doing the same thing. Semi-private personal training is where everyone is doing their own program, tailored to their needs and goals while sharing the coaching of a certified personal trainer.


  • Cost – the cost is lower per person because you are sharing a personal trainer
  • Motivation and Support – it’s fun to share your fitness journey with others and easier to be awesome with the support of a trainer AND one to three other people
  • Prime Time – a chance to get in to see a trainer at a prime time spot that is usually full.

BEFORE your first session we require you to come in for a FREE ASSESSMENT so we can program you properly. 

Fine Print:

  • Just like our classes and private personal training sessions, we require 24 hour notice for cancellation to avoid session charge. Once you sign up for a session, you can cancel your sessions online, anytime.
  • You can sign up for as many sessions as you like to secure your favorite spot.
  • You can sign up a minimum of 4 hours before a session.
  • Sessions expire 12 months from date of first session.

To register, purchase Semi-Private sessions below and then sign up for the sessions that suit your schedule.