Invest in a certified personal trainer to finally start achieving your health and fitness goals.

SVPT fitness + athletics is an all-inclusive body positive Edmonton gym and private personal training facility that inspires all ages and fitness levels to achieve a higher quality of life through science based functional fitness. Our highly educated and professional certified personal trainers and Kinesiologists focus on teaching clients how to improve their mental and physical health with personalized functional program design in a private, clean and spacious gym.

SVPT certified personal trainers have diverse real fitness knowledge from over 60+ years of combined experience to help clients improve movement patterns, manage injuries, increase strength, improve mobility, improve flexibility, increase cardio, improve mental health, reduce stress, and design exercise programs to achieve specific fitness or sport goals.

From a thorough movement assessment and consultation, training is customized to needs, biomechanics, history and lifestyle, so goals and health outcomes can be achieved safely and effectively. Not only will clients improve physical fitness but also create independence and confidence, which will allow you to live an active, and full life. Don’t wait to start living – START NOW.


$165/$225 (1 Month Expiry. Must be paid in full. No rainchecks)   FIRST CLASS FREE (Maximum 1 Use Per Client)
REFER A FRIEND (Referral must purchase a minimum of 6 private personal training sessions)

These promotions may end or be changed without notice. SVPT fitness + athletics reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.

Seniors fitness discount - 10% off personal training


Private Personal Training

Expertise and experience allows our personal trainers and coaches go above and beyond for our clients and athletes. It’s what has made SVPT an award-winning facility that has been Voted #1 Private Gym/Fitness Studio in Edmonton for 2015, 2016 & 2017.Top 5 Private Gym 2018. View packages.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Personal training with you and up to 2 other individuals (who you may or may not know) share the cost of a trainer, doing your own customized fitness program that is tailored to your needs and goals, and based on a consult and assessment. View packages.

Partner Personal Training

Partner personal training is an opportunity for you to bring a spouse, family member or friend to join you in your fitness quest to be better. Our custom focus on personal training still applies to partner training, as we work to develop fitness programs that are based on each individual. View packages.

Sports Performance Training

SVPT Fitness + Athletics’ personal trainers are dedicated to safely and effectively enhancing performance through the use of advanced training techniques.
View packages.



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Invest in your health with confidence! Learn why high-quality personal training comes at a higher price but delivers unbeatable value and results in the long run. Check out our insightful blog post on the cost of personal training. (Hint:  You get what you pay for)
Cam takes his big lifts very seriously. Note the setup. Not only does he walk the talk, he also lifts it!
Tyler demonstrating a deceleration off a box, straight into a box jump. This is a great exercise to work on deceleration into quick acceleration. You don’t have to add the acceleration portion. You can do just the deceleration phase by itself. Learning how to slow down and control your body is a great tool for anyone to practice and learn.
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Just a follow up from Truth Tuesday about stairs ….
Monique has been with us for almost 2 years now. Here she performs 5 perfect deadlifts at 185 pounds! Here’s to all your great success over the last few years.  Strength is built over months of programs behind the scenes. Monique was able to perform this lift through dedication and perseverance. Keep up the great work Monique!