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Meet The Trainer – Joel Brissard

Functional Movement Screen Level 2
Agatsu Kettlebell


I started working out due to the convenience of the gym being down the hall from my cooking job and being motivated due to the unhealthy habits and nature of the industry I was currently working in. I started with a trainer and found the challenge of exercise exciting. I also find a level of creativity in exercises that I couldn’t find personally in cooking.


Since 2012 officially

Training Philosophy:

I think everyone should have access to movement, so… learning and understanding how to move properly, with what you were given. No one moves the same way, and what is 100% healthy?

Physical health is mental health.

Client Success Stories:

I had a guy come in, who had one of the best goals ever. “I want to get off the floor easier”.
He was diligent with his program and he came to the gym every day as routine. Winter came around and he walked into the gym, and he knew a lot of people so he shouted across the gym loud enough for a few people to hear…” Hey Joel! I went skiing, and my ass could only ever do 5 runs in a day, I had the energy to do 8!”

Advice for Beginners:

Muscle soreness as kids didn’t seem to exist, so get excited, but be smart about it… the DOMS hits much harder than it used to.

Overcoming Challenges:

Create smaller, more attainable goals, more often. Something that works in weeks, not months.

Favorite Workout:

Typically, anything with a kettlebell. You can just do so many things with where you support it, how you hold it, how you move it. That you can create continuous movement from one part of the body or another while the rest of the body rests.

Personal Fitness Goals:

No more injuries? But for real, to get back to a point where I can teach a kettlebell class.


I’m a big gamer, mostly puzzle and strategy games. Since I can’t challenge myself in the gym at the moment, I still try to find ways to “compete”. So I occasionally take part in video game leagues or do small local tournaments.

Inspirational Figure:

My dad has struggled with chronic pain for as long as I can remember, and it never stopped him from trying anything—so pretty easy answer.

Fun Fact:

I have 5 birds:
2 budgies- Ducky and Petrie
1 pearly conure- Scallops
2 green cheek conures- Penny and Kevin

Kevin talks a bit, but mainly their skills involve pooping on me.