Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

It’s simple – hiring an SVPT certified personal trainer can take out the confusion and guess work about proper training as well as reduce the risk of injury. In the long run we can help save you time and money all while getting you fitter and healthier.

  1. Assessment
    Many of you are doing exercises and programs that just aren’t suited for your body, fitness level, or goals. Assessments can teach you about the imbalances, strengths and weaknesses in your body. Assessments help us create a program that is individually suited to you so you can train to your full potential.

  2. Knowledge
    Hiring a personal trainer is an investment. During your sessions, you will learn the how and why to train effectively, efficiently, and safely. We educate you so you can take away as much knowledge as possible, so when the time comes you can train on your own, and do so with confidence. We expect you to leave the nest eventually, because that means we have done our jobs in teaching you how to train properly.

  3. Motivation
    We all struggle with training motivation at some point. A personal trainer can give you the extra little kick in the butt when you struggle. We can’t do the work for you and we can’t make you want it, but we can give you a little nudge in the right direction.

  4. Accountability
    Accountability is strongly tied to motivation. A personal trainer can keep you on track with your plan so you can get the results you seek. Life can get in the way, and usually the first thing to go is our fitness regime. Consistency is the key to success, having someone to hold you accountable can keep you consistent and on track.

  5. Goal Setting
    Sometimes we want everything all at once, but that is usually a little unrealistic and overwhelming. Our personal trainers can help you set realistic fitness goals that are achievable and in-line with your lifestyle, fitness level and budget.

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