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Gym Anxiety to Gym Confidence

Move from Gym Anxiety to Gym Confidence by understanding what exercise can do for you. 

One of the biggest obstacles to exercise and fitness for beginners is gym anxiety. We get it, starting up a new fitness routine and walking into a gym can be terrifying.

You feel like everyone is looking at you.

You feel like you are being judged based on your appearance.

You are scared to move your body incorrectly.

You don’t know what to do.

You don’t know how to use the equipment.

You are scared you are going to fail.

All of these feelings lead to anxiety and hesitation to even step foot in a gym and start an exercise routine.  The best thing to combat gym anxiety is CONFIDENCE

Confidence can be built by hiring a certified personal trainer in a private facility to start your fitness journey. We have many clients who come and learn from us first so they are confident enough to exercise on their own. 

Our personal trainers teach, inspire and motivate you with proper coaching and education.  There is nothing that will boost your self-esteem and gym confidence more than knowledge.  In the sessions we educate you about exercise, exercise technique/form and debunk fitness myths, so when you are on your own you can move and train with the confidence of knowing that what you are doing is correct, effective and safe. 

Gym confidence can also come from surrounding yourself with a community of people that support you and build you up.   The wonderful thing about SVPT is privacy and a supportive body-neutral community.  There is zero judgement and only high-fives.  When you walk in, you are surrounded by people who are or have felt the same as you.  Everyone in our facility is starting somewhere, learning, and showing up every day to improve their fitness, health and life.  Everyday clients at SVPT are cheering each other on. 

Another tactic to help decrease gym anxiety is to research.  Researching gyms can also boost confidence because you will walk in knowing what to expect, rather than the unknown.  Look into the gym you want to join and ensure that their culture and environment is in line with your values.  Find your tribe, find the culture you want to be a part of and makes you feel supported.  Does the gym have support systems for newbies?  Another tip is to call the gym and ask when the gym is less busy so you can attend when there are less people there. 

If you are hitting a public gym, have your training plan ready.  Review it before you go there so you can walk in and execute.  Consider bringing headphones with your favourite playlist that gets you pumped up.  Blast that play list and zone out. 

Lastly a great way to build some confidence is bring your tribe to the gym with you. Get a buddy system – find one or two friends, family members or your spouse to join you in your fitness journey.  A fitness buddy can be a great support system and also add some accountability. 

Find a personal trainer, find a community, find a support system and find a gym that makes you feel good.  Before too long you will find yourself 3 months into your fitness journey, owning the gym, moving your body and crushing your goals. 

Shara Vigeant, BA, NSCA-CPT*D, CFSC