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What is the SVPT way?

Welcome to our first blog!  We are excited to be starting a blog and video blog series to share what we are about, and what we do.

You will see in our posts we hashtag #theSVPTway.  Maybe it’s time to explain.

Simply put, #theSVPTway is our fitness philosophy and our culture.  It’s what sets us apart from our competitors and makes us #1 in Edmonton.

We believe in bringing out the potential of every individual who walks through our doors.  We recognize that not everyone is at the same ability level, and that progressions and regressions need to be made accordingly. We do this by simply caring about our folks as people first.  Every person is different, and every person has different needs, goals and lifestyles.

We start by building you from the ground up.  Every well-built house has a solid foundation.   Our foundation starts with teaching the basics, and that’s where we separate ourselves from those who simply deliver workouts rather than teaching movement.  But our philosophy doesn’t stop with just teaching the basics, it then becomes about mastery, and doing these ordinary things extraordinarily well.

It’s not about being flashy or sexy, cool, or stylish – it’s about these core fundamental skills, built around challenging fitness fun.  Mastering the basics prevents injury, slows aging and builds a body that allows you to live a fuller life. When you move better, you live better.  Isn’t that what fitness is supposed to be about? Living a better and more full life, because you are physically able to.

The SVPT way is not a rigid system that stifles creativity and fun.  While our fitness philosophy is about mastering the basics to build a foundation, once that base competency is there, it opens up a huge selection of movements to then explore and play with.  Fitness can be challenging, as it should be, but it can also be enjoyable.  It’s our job to make sure you enjoy what you are doing and teach you why you are doing it.  Don’t get us wrong, teaching proper movement is serious business, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be both fun and rewarding!

When you walk through the doors of SVPT, you feel welcome, motivated and inspired to become a better version of YOU, in a training environment that is not intimidating or exclusive.   No matter what your fitness level is, you will feel like you belong there because all fitness levels train together – from beginner to athlete.   Every client of ours is on their own journey and we have created a positive environment for you to get there.

We welcome you to give #theSVPTway a try and see what we are all about.