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MyFit Story
SVPT is proud to present #MYFIT – a celebration of our clients who live a fit and balanced lifestyle.
#MYFIT is not about a 6 pack or a bikini body, it’s about showing that fitness comes in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES, and truly is training to live a more full life. It’s not about young and skinny, it’s about showing that fitness can be a part of ANYONE’S life, regardless of age.
#MYFIT celebrates clients who challenge themselves physically and mentally to move better, perform better and live better. #thesvptway
We are grateful to long time client, Jackie, for sharing her #MYFIT story:
“I have been going to a gym of some sorts since I was old enough to get a membership. And for many years I had my own home gym. While I remained committed to my workout routine, I never really saw results. A minor car accident 9 years ago led to a nagging back injury. Physio and massage helped provide relief in the short term, but I couldn’t get rid of the ache. Regular massage therapy became my crutch. One day I decided I needed to make a big change to the way I was doing things. I became an SVPT client 3 years ago.
SVPT trainer, Cam has taught me how to work out correctly and efficiently. I have surprised myself with how much weight I can now lift, push or carry. The progress I have seen with my endurance and strength has been empowering.
I know now what #MYFIT means to me.
It means focusing on my muscle and strength, not the weight on the scale. And making my back healthy, strong and pain-free.
It means moving freely, easily and without limitation.
It means setting a goal I never imagined I would set, doing something I didn’t think I could do….I completed the Melissa’s Road Race 5K in Banff this past September, setting my own personal best of 31min20sec.
It means not working out alone in a big box gym or in my basement; rather being part of a community of like-minded, supportive and fun people.
And it means turning 50 in a few months feeling the fittest I have ever been.”