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Denyse's #MYFIT Story- Edmonton Fitness


SVPT is proud to present #MYFIT – a celebration of our clients who live a fit and balanced lifestyle.
#MYFIT is not about a 6 pack or a bikini body, it’s about showing that fitness comes in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES, and truly is training to live a more full life. It’s not about young and skinny, it’s about showing that fitness can be a part of ANYONE’S life, regardless of age.
#MYFIT celebrates clients who challenge themselves physically and mentally to move better, perform better and live better. #thesvptway
We are grateful to client, Denyse, for sharing her #MYFIT story:
“#MYFIT has been a journey of overcoming obstacles and redefining the way I think about my body and my identity. After sustaining several injuries from long-distance running, I began to look into alternative ways to maintain an active lifestyle. I soon realized I needed to go beyond “just running” to perform more optimally; a balanced approach of building strength, endurance, and better body mechanics would allow me to pursue the activities I loved and my goals of a healthy body without perennial injury.
There was one problem however- finding an approach for lifting weights wasn’t easy. I was born without much of my left hand in a condition known as symbrachydactyly. I knew how to use resistance machines but wanted to make the progressions that dumbbell and barbell exercises could afford me.
The journey to find prosthetics that could work for me in a way that was pain-free, and most of all safe, is one I’m still on. As in all things, I found being my own advocate, doing the research, and not taking bad solutions for an answer allowed me work through many sub-par prosthetics to find options that work for me. I’ve never let my limb difference define or limit me, but I now have the tools I need to do deadlifts, overhead presses, complex dumbbell movements—all exercises I’d once been unsure if I’d be able to figure out how to do.
Lately, #MYFIT has been about setting goals, achieving them, and showing myself what I’m capable of in the process. Everyone has challenges in pursuing their fitness goals—I encourage everyone to embrace those unique challenges, be brave enough to find solutions, and love themselves throughout the whole experience. You’re worth the time and effort of doing so.”