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Trevor’s #MYFIT Story

SVPT is proud to present #MYFIT – a celebration of our clients who live a fit and balanced lifestyle.
#MYFIT is not about a 6 pack or a bikini body, it’s about showing that fitness comes in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES, and truly is training to live a more full life. It’s not about young and skinny, it’s about showing that fitness can be a part of ANYONE’S life, regardless of age.
#MYFIT celebrates clients who challenge themselves physically and mentally to move better, perform better and live better. #thesvptway
We are grateful to SVPT Trainer, Trevor, for sharing his #MYFIT story:

“I’ve always been very active person and in the past exercise was all about short term success. I played high level fastball and wanted to be in shape and at my best for the sport, I would constantly ignore injuries because I wanted to be on the field competing regardless of what my body was telling me. I used to only do workouts for aesthetic purposes instead of working on what would actually benefit me because I felt pressure to look a certain way. I would go to the gym to be social because it was the cool thing to do, not because I was serious about improving my quality of life. I was very short sighted about why exercise was a part of my life, but as time went on that shifted.

#MYFIT now is about thinking long term and seeing exercise as part of the bigger picture. I stay active now so that when I’m older nothing holds me back from living my life. I want to be able to stay active with my wife and not be limited to what we can see and do as we grow old together. I want to be able to play sports with my future children the way I am able to play hockey with my Dad (10 years and counting). I want to be like my Grandma at 85 years old still curling and golfing and being active in the community because she has committed to being fit and healthy her whole life. #MYFIT now is about staying mentally and physically healthy so that as the years go by I can live a life full of health and happiness with nothing holding me back!”