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The Push

Pushing movements focus on the muscles on the front of the upper body. Learning pushing movements will help with learning scapular control and stability (shoulder girdle). When you have great shoulder stability and strength, you can progress to more complicated lifts and prevent injury. Pushing movements come in two forms – vertical and horizontal.

The most popular and basic of all pushing movements is the push-up. Other more popular pushing movements include shoulder press and bench press. We build clients up by starting clients with an elevated push up to teach shoulder and core control, as well as the landmine for a controlled range of motion for shoulder pressing.

To add more challenge, we eventually progress a client to using kettlebells because there is more demand for stability and they are just fun!

Pushing Options (Based on Needs from Assessment)

  1. Torso Elevated Push Up (Horizontal)
  2. Dumbbell Bench Press (Horizontal)
  3. Landmine Shoulder Press (Vertical)
    1. Standing
    2. Tall Kneeling
    3. Half Kneeling
  4. Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press (Vertical)
    1. Standing
    2. Half Kneeling
    3. Tall Kneeling

We also progress to single arm variations, based on ability.

Be sure to try to include both a vertical and horizontal pushing movement in your training program.