Personal Trainer

Joel Brissard


  • University of Lethbridge – Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Functional Movement Systems – Level 2
  • Agatsu Kettlebell- Level 1


Being active in sport and fitness has always been a personal enjoyment. Joel grew up playing baseball as his primary sport but was fortunate enough to participate and play on a variety of recreational teams which included floor hockey, volleyball and dodgeball. On top of recreational sports other activities he enjoys are; climbing, weight lifting and participating in Spartan races and sprint distance triathlons.

In previous years a series of physical set backs and injuries has shown Joel the importance of a strong and well balanced body and exercise routine. Going from running through mud and jumping over obstacles to starting from scratch, working on corrective exercises and rebuilding his core and starting foundation of exercises.

Trainee Type:

Joel is comfortable working with all ages, body types or experience levels. Regardless of anyone’s level of fitness, there is always a way to make exercise more adaptable to the skill level of the individual, whether that be making it easier or finding new ways to challenge clients after they conquered their current goals.

Training Philosophy:

Speaking from personal experience…” You don’t always have to compete, being able to participate can be just as rewarding”. Competing at a high level can be great but being able to do the things we enjoy throughout the duration of our lives shouldn’t be taken for advantage. Whether it’s staying fit or staying functional, being able to move in any fashion has its rewards on both physical and mental health.

Favourite Exercise:

Anything with the landmine! For such a simple tool the variety of exercises that can be performed on it are endless. It allows for easy learning of some more complex moves such as a deadlift or a transitional tool into more explosive and rotational moves.