Personal Trainer/Owner

Ethan Wollmann


  • Kings University – BSc, Biology
  • The American College of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer


Ethan has been an athlete his whole life and loves competition. Whether it’s playing a friend in a heated match of tennis or playing basketball against college players in their summer leagues, he plays to win. Other than sport and fitness, Ethan is an avid traveller and makes it a priority to stay active while holidaying. His most recent travels took him trekking up active volcanoes, scuba diving with sea turtles, and finding his Zen at a yoga retreat in Bali.

Whatever your goals may be, Ethan looks forward to helping you reach them.

Trainee Type:

Ethan has previously trained a wide variety of clients spanning from young athletes to older individuals looking to regain mobility and movement. He places a large emphasis on improving athletic conditioning, correcting movement deficiencies, and overall, helping clients exceed their goals.

Training Philosophy:

Move. In every direction. Daily.

Favourite Exercise:

The front squat is one of Ethan’s favorite go-to exercises. The diversity of a front loaded squat allows for a variety of different tools to be used like kettlebells, dumbbells, or barbells. Loading a weight on the front side of the body naturally helps activate the anterior core and allows our posture to remain more upright (compared to a back squat), a benefit that can help alleviate stress on the lower back. Another reason he loves the front squat is its ability to combat the kyphotic posture of the 9-5 desk jockey. A front loaded weight automatically helps extend our upper back and fight the rounded upper back posture most people develop.


“I had the fortune of meeting Ethan during a journey into physical wellness. I had been through a difficult year with Multiple Sclerosis and battled through a head and neck cancer requiring surgery and radiation. Ethan has far exceeded any of my expectations for a trainer. He clearly is knowledgeable in multiple areas (including diet modification, strength training, balance, and flexibility), and he seamlessly discovers what training methods motivate his clients. My balance and flexibility have gone from “bottom 10%” (as a University Trainer recently told me) to getting closer to crazy yoga poses and the coveted handstand.

Probably the best thing about Ethan is his approach to life. I feel strongly that it is easy to lose sight of what is important in our daily lives. Many of us focus on the others in our life, our work, and everything else in between, neglecting ourselves. Ethan gets this, and allows the sacred hour in the gym to be all about the client. I started this journey with the clear intention of having a personal trainer for several months and then going back to training on my own. Although personal training does cost, I consider it the best money that I spend every month, no contest.”

– Amanda Brisebois. M.D. Site Medicine Chief. Internal Medicine & Palliative Care Specialist. Grey Nuns Hospital. Edmonton AB