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Meet The Trainer – Jordan Gallaugher



I started my fitness journey in 2018 after a low point in my life. Lifting weights helped my mental health so much and I fell in love with the gym and wanted to help other people do the same.


I graduated from NAIT in April and started working as a trainer in May 😊

Training Philosophy:

Motivation will come and go; committing and showing up for yourself is the biggest key to success. You’re the only one standing in the way of your goals. “Be stronger than your strongest excuse.”

Client Success Stories:

I was working with a client in my practicum who had had chronic shoulder pain for years, after working with him for 2 months we were able to get him a lot more mobility and his pain subsided drastically. Movement is medicine.


Advice for Beginners:

Consistency is key; stick to your goals and be patient. Changes won’t happen overnight.

Overcoming Challenges:

I would say one of the biggest challenges when starting your fitness journey is being intimidated in the gym, feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing, or getting injured. Teaching my clients the correct form with movements is key and making them feel confident in the gym.

Favorite Workout:

I love exercises that hit entire body! Biggest bang for your buck. One of my favourites is Kettlebell rotational rows (also known as gorilla rows)! I love this exercise because it targets your back, shoulders, biceps, and core simultaneously! It challenges core stability and develops isometric lower body strength while rowing unilaterally in a hip hinge position.

Personal Fitness Goals:

To be more consistent with my busy schedule and to complete 1 unassisted pull-up!


I love hanging out with my fiancé, family, and friends! I love a good games night or catching a movie.

Inspirational Figure:

Whitney Simmons is a big inspiration to me; she has built up her business from nothing and has created a following of women lifting other women up and supporting each other.

Fun Fact:

I actually wanted to go to school to be a baker and have worked as one for the last 6 years and decided I wanted to change career paths and get into the fitness industry.