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Meet The Trainer – Cam Hood

Strength and Conditioning Coach


I started track and field in grade 1 and have been involved in some form of athletics ever since, personally and professionally.


I’ve been involved in the health and fitness industry for 20 years

Training Philosophy:

I believe in training “hard smart”: Training with high intensity, while choosing the correct exercise(s), in the correct circumstance, that produces the desired effect or adaptation and that poses very little risk and can be progressed and regressed.

Client Success Stories:

So many! My most recent is a client and I worked through a two-year window for her to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Advice for Beginners:

Go slow, and soak up information and be a continuous learner. It’s your body.

Overcoming Challenges:

There’s always a way. Look at the problem, think of solutions. If it’s a common client problem, there’s probably lots of common solutions. Look to others who have been there done that.

Favorite Workout:

Any session that’s high-intensity and smart.

Personal Fitness Goals:

Becoming stronger. Becoming more athletic. Becoming more mobile.


I care for rescue cats.

Inspirational Figure:

My Mom and Dad.

Fun Fact:

I dislike fitness influencers who do it for the wrong reasons and life coaches who have no business being life coaches.