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Meet The Trainer – Andrew McMillan



When I was 14 my brother and I started working out in our basement together. We would follow old workouts from the “book of muscle.” The goal was to get as big as we could for rugby and football seasons. Often, we tried exercises way too hard for us, which resulted in more laughing than workout.


I started my training career in October 2019 with SVPT.

Training Philosophy:

Fundamentals of functional anatomy backed with the 5 pillars of fitness: Hinge, Squat, Push, Pull and Carry.

Client Success Stories:

I have a set of grandparents who started coming to me because they wanted to be able to keep up to their grandchildren. We started slow and with the basics, and now three years later they are some of my most consistent clients. They are always telling stories about what adventures they got up to last with the grandkids, grateful to have the mobility and strength to keep up with them!

Advice for Beginners:

Don’t rush through the small steps. Brick by brick you build a foundation greatness stands upon.

Overcoming Challenges:

Adjusting to fit daily needs. Everyone can finish the workout program, with minor regression/progressions to exercises.

Favorite Workout:

Deadlifts and/or squats. Just love the feeling of going down the stairs the next day.

Personal Fitness Goals:

315 hollow body bench press. More importantly though, an improvement in cardiovascular conditioning and overall mobility.


Golf, waterskiing and house renovations with my partner, Kait

Inspirational Figure:

Ethan Wollman, I mean how does he get his hair to stay like that all day. But actually, I am the most inspired by my dad. He is the most hardworking person I know.

Fun Fact:

Last summer, I spent two weeks travelling through Iceland and Spain!