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Bryan & Jo-Ann’s #MYFIT Story

SVPT is proud to present #MYFIT – a celebration of our clients who live a fit and balanced lifestyle.
#MYFIT is not about a 6 pack or a bikini body, it’s about showing that fitness comes in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES, and truly is training to live a more full life. It’s not about young and skinny, it’s about showing that fitness can be a part of ANYONE’S life, regardless of age.
#MYFIT celebrates clients who challenge themselves physically and mentally to move better, perform better and live better. #thesvptway
We are grateful for Bryan & Jo-Ann for sharing their #MYFIT story:

“We have always been active in recreational sports like skiing, slow-pitch and volleyball. We walked, biked and hiked and were generally in pretty good shape.

As a few more years have rolled by however, we have each had our physical challenges. Bad back for me, sore joints for Jo-Ann. We decided we needed to “up” the effort at maintaining our physical fitness. Jo-Ann especially had a desire to be stronger and leaner. Bring on the “gun” show!

We tried going to big box and city gyms to work out but didn’t enjoy the environment and found it hard to motivate ourselves or each other.

A colleague of Jo-Ann’s told us about personal fitness training at SVPT. We met with Trevor Aime to discuss a training plan and to see the facility. We told Trev that we had no specific body weight or measurement goals. We just wanted our bodies to be stronger and more injury resistant.

Unfortunately, after only a few sessions, Jo-Ann ruptured her Achilles tendon playing pickleball. Dang. Too late with the training apparently.

Not to be discouraged, we resumed training with Trev while Jo-Ann was still in a boot cast at only 3 weeks post-surgery. Trev did an awesome job of providing a plan for both of us while accommodating Jo-Ann’s gradual transition from peg-leg pirate back to normal. Trevor may argue that she is not “normal” but we always have fun at our workouts. Especially when we are helping Trev with his dance moves.

Fast forward three years. We are both so encouraged when we look back and realize how significantly our abilities have improved over this time. This is a journey we will surely continue. It has a positive impact on our quality of life EVERY DAY. We’re not getting older. With #MYFIT – we’re getting better!!”