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Benefits of Small Group Training

Small group personal training or semi-private personal training has become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative to traditional one-on-one private personal training. Small group training, also known as small group classes, typically involves a group of 8-10 clients working with one personal trainer.  Semi-private personal training consists of 3-4 clients with one personal trainer. Both types of training offer similar and numerous benefits over traditional one-on-one personal training.

At SVPT, we have always maintained that small group training or small group classes are where clients do the SAME training (like a metabolic conditioning or mobility class) under the instruction of a certified personal trainer (not a “fitness instructor”). In contrast, semi-private personal training is where clients do their own customized training program on their own under the guidance of a certified personal trainer.

Both small group training and semi-private personal training have many of the same benefits for clients:

  • Personalized attention: In a small group setting, trainers can provide more quality instruction and personalized attention to each participant, allowing them to better understand and address individual needs, goals, and limitations.
  • Cost-effective: Small group training and semi-private personal training are more affordable than one-on-one personal training, making it a more accessible option for many people looking for guidance on improving their fitness.
  • Motivation and accountability: A small group’s social dynamic can foster camaraderie and encouragement. Participants can encourage and support each other, creating a positive atmosphere and helping to hold each other accountable for attendance and effort.
  • Variety and creativity: Trainers can design varied and creative workouts for small group sessions, incorporating different exercises and equipment. This can help keep participants engaged and excited about their activities.
  • Increased social interaction: Small group training offers the chance to meet new people and develop friendships, which can lead to a more enjoyable and supportive workout environment.
  • Healthy competition: Friendly competition within a small group can drive participants to push themselves harder and achieve significant results while maintaining a supportive and collaborative atmosphere.
  • Enhanced safety: The increased supervision in small group training classes can help ensure proper exercise technique, reducing the risk of injury.

Many clients at SVPT use a combination of private personal training sessions with either small group training and/or semi-private personal training.  Some clients see a trainer for a private personal training session once or twice a week for more individualized attention and then attend a semi-private personal training session for some fun with others while still doing their own customized training program.  This gives a great blend of private sessions with group motivation. 

For 15 years, we have been in the business of high-quality fitness services.  Our small group classes only have 10 people so you can be assured the trainer will be making sure you are performing the exercises with proper form to avoid injury, and we were the first to bring semi-private personal training to private gyms in Edmonton.  We will continue to raise the bar when it comes to personal training services in Edmonton. 

Shara Vigeant, BA, NSCA-CPT, CFSC