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Aislinn’s #MYFIT STORY

SVPT is proud to present #MYFIT – a celebration of our clients who live a fit and balanced lifestyle.
#MYFIT is not about a 6 pack or a bikini body, it’s about showing that fitness comes in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES, and truly is training to live a more full life. It’s not about young and skinny, it’s about showing that fitness can be a part of ANYONE’S life, regardless of age.
#MYFIT celebrates clients who challenge themselves physically and mentally to move better, perform better and live better. #thesvptway
We are grateful to client, Aislinn, for sharing her #MYFIT story:

“I’ve really just started my fitness journey. For most of my life, I’ve been somewhat inactive, but I figured we have a finite amount of time on this earth and it would be a shame to die without knowing what my body is capable of. I can’t say I look forward to working out, but I challenge myself to do it anyway to achieve my goals. I want to feel strong—prepared for life’s challenges and capable of handling daily tasks (e.g. carrying Costco groceries, rearranging my furniture, cradling my great dane like a baby, etc.). After each session, I feel more energized (funny how that works) and proud of what I’ve accomplished. It may be relatively small, but it’s a big deal to me.”