Personal Trainer

Trevor Aime



  • University of Alberta – Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach – Level 1 and 2


Growing up Trevor was active in many different areas, most notably playing softball competitively. He has competed in two Alberta Summer Games, is a three-time member of Team Alberta and competed at four Canadian Championships winning bronze and being named the All Star pitcher in 2011. He continues to play softball competitively as well as recreationally golfing and captaining a men’s league hockey team during the winter.

Working with athletes has always been something that has intrigued Trevor, and his experiences include running dryland camps for youth hockey players, fitness testing for the Edmonton Oilers, and he was the strength and conditioning coach for U of A Pandas rugby team during their National Championship season in 2013.

Trainee Type:

Trevor has always made it a goal to be a good competitor while demonstrating sportsmanship and leadership, and that carries over into his training. No matter who the client or what the goal is, he will be dedicated to assisting the client in reaching their goals. He believes that hard work is never wasted and that the most effective way to reach goals is by getting to know the client and understanding what works for them. Seeing people enjoying success and being excited about their results is what motivates Trevor to be the best trainer he can be.

Training Philosophy:

Trevor’s approach to training is very collaborative in nature, and he believe the client’s engagement is what ultimately determines success. Trevor is a big believer in communication that gets results, and relies on the feedback from his clients in order to maximize their results because it lets clients actively be part of the process, and it allows them to be in tune with how they are feeling and what’s happening in their bodies. Just like the SVPT philosophy, Trevor also believes in educating clients and allowing them to take control of their workouts so that they get to a point where they can coach themselves through exercises and make adjustments based on what their body is telling them. When clients are actively engaged in what they are doing and feeling, they are more likely to get the desired results, and his goal is to get clients to that place of self-awareness.

Favourite Exercise:

Trevor’s favourite exercise is pushing the sled because it is a great tool that can be utilized in many different ways. Whether it is a sprint, a heavy push, or a postural march, it is something that can be adapted to provide a fun challenge for everyone from beginners to more experienced clients.


“I’ve been working with Trevor for about a year now, and thinking back to where I started, I have come a long way. Trevor had me set goals right from the beginning, and within the first few months I achieved one of them. I’m able to do more, and I’ve far surpassed my expectations on what I could accomplish. Going to my sessions is never a chore; I always look forward to my workouts as they are always changing, and he keeps finding new ways to push me to my max. I walked into SVPT Fitness + Athletics looking for motivation, and I found it.”

– Lindsay V.