Ryan Kenzie

Personal Trainer


  • University of Alberta – Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Personal Trainer


Ryan has been involved in hockey since day one, and continues to do so whether it is drop-in shinny, on the outdoor rink or playing on a men’s league team. Through most of minor hockey he played goalie, but now flips back-and-forth as a goalie or skater. In high school he began playing lacrosse, and dabbled in some baseball. He loves sports, and consider himself a competitor. Whether it is trying something new or playing the sport he loves, he always give 100%.

Ryan has always wanted to help people, and originally when entering university the dream was to work as a physiotherapist. Soon he realized that there was another better, and just as effective way, to have an impact on a person’s day-to-day living, and that is through personal training.

His first experiences with training were with hockey players in their off-season, aged 12 up to late-20s (Peewee to Pro) which included strength and conditioning, power development and speed work. Ryan is still involved with minor hockey, working as a trainer with teams in the Sherwood Park Kings Athletic Club.”

Trainee Type:

Any and all individuals, no matter your skillset. Whether you are looking for better quality life, or want to perform better in your sport, Ryan wants to be the difference maker.

Training Philosophy:

Base your progress on how you feel. It is not always about how much you lift, or how ripped you look in the mirror, fitness is important for numerous everyday activities. With time and effort exercise will help you enjoy everything in your life that much more – without the worry of injury. Ryan’s goal is to help you get confident and comfortable moving your body.

Favourite Exercise:

Ryan loves the lateral goblet lunge.  Lunges are a great exercise for any individual, from a beginner starting out in the gym to the pro athlete with years of experience. They can be used in multiple planes, and with numerous implements. Lunges are great for lower body strength, balance and core activation in an unstable, unilateral position.


“I started training with Ryan in the winter of 2019, with hopes to increase my strength, learn proper technique, and improve my overall mobility and health. Ryan has helped me achieve all this and more. We started with the major lifts, with Ryan patiently correcting my position until I consistently maintained good form. We have since progressed far beyond this, with Ryan providing regularly phased and customized training programs for me to achieve my goals. Since starting our training, I’ve noted marked improvements in my strength, body composition, and he has helped me alleviate several persistent injuries I’d incurred through years of running. Ryan is always able to keep such good humour during our workouts and provides an incredibly enjoyable combination of banter and instruction. I seriously enjoy my early mornings with Ryan and would recommend him to everyone!”

– Denyse D.

“When I messaged Shara a year and a half ago looking for a personal trainer I was worried who would ever agree to take on a married couple at 6:30 in the morning two days a week with very different fitness goals. Enter Ryan, not only has he taken us on but the workouts are diverse, challenging and fun! Ryan has worked with our schedule, provided homework for when we travel and is helping us meet and exceed our fitness goals. The whole SVPT team has been fantastic and we could not have asked for a better gym!”

– Kristie W. and Russell J.

“When I decided to finally take my fitness seriously, I decided to give SVPT a shot and was fortunate to be paired with Ryan Kenzie. From the get-go, I was impressed with his knowledge and the programs he developed for me. Furthermore, I continue to be impressed at how Ryan is always able to motivate me to do my best in a non-aggressive, friendly manner. I’ve had other trainers over the years but my workouts with Ryan are by far the best (measured by the extremely accurate method of how much sweat is on my shirt afterwards).

I wholeheartedly trust Ryan in helping me achieve my fitness goals which is why within a year I signed up for 36 sessions with him once, and then again, and then again. With him, I went from being embarrassed of my fitness level to being proud. I was able to take on new challenges and find new passions such as hiking. In fact, I trust Ryan’s ability so much that I had joint sessions with a loved one so he could help her achieve her fitness goals too!

Like many Albertans these days, I’m wary of the economy and job market, however I do not regret one penny I’ve spent on Ryan and SVPT. Investing in my health has been one of the wisest decisions I’ve made, and I’ve been extremely happy with the dividends.”

– Tyler N.