Personal Trainer


  • University of Alberta – Bachelor of Kinesiology (Sport Performance)


Ricardo has been involved in athletics since childhood and originally he didn’t imagine this could be more than a hobby for himself. His original goal was to become an engineer, but after visiting a Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation information session, he realized his passion for sports could become a career. Ricardo enrolled in the Bachelor of Kinesiology program at the UofA and also began playing soccer for the Golden Bears varsity team. Since then, he has had the opportunity to work with general population to elite athletes. He is passionate about evidence-informed personal training and loves keeping up on research through academic journals and podcasts.

Ricardo still plays soccer recreationally, and also enjoys tennis, rock climbing, skiing, and squash. You can also find him online playing video games or in his garage woodworking to relax!

Trainee Type:

Ricardo enjoys working with individuals from all fitness and athletic backgrounds. He has trained individuals who have never stepped foot in the gym, to elite athletes. Ricardo loves working with anyone who has a goal since the best part of his job is helping people achieve things they never realized were possible.

Training Philosophy:

The hardest part about training is showing up. Ricardo has a keen interest in sport psychology, and really appreciates the mental aspects required for training. He believes that once you’ve made the decision to show up, you’ve passed the biggest hurdle by making a commitment to yourself and the training session. Ricardo believes if you keep showing up you’ll keep progressing

Favourite Exercise:

Box jump. The box jump can be modified is so many ways for a range of athletic abilities. The box jump trains power, strength and coordination, with the added bonus of making you feel badass.