Personal Trainer

Jenya Hancharuk


  • University of Alberta – Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – High Performance Specialist


Jenya used to be the person that couldn’t run as fast, couldn’t lift as much, or climb as well. Believing herself simply not born for sports or athletics, Jenya’s mindset truly began to change when she took fitness into her own hands and decided – you are not born great, you become great.

This belief took her through her time playing rugby, training Olympic weightlifting, lifting, running, and moving for joy and led her here, wanting to help others to find health and joy in movement.

During her undergraduate degree, she began working with the Work Physiology Lab at the University of Alberta, working with firefighter hopefuls for Fire Departments throughout Alberta! Her journey with working with first responders did not stop there, as she had the opportunity to work with the Edmonton Police Service Fitness and Active Lifestyle Unit to train recruits and promote healthy living in the service!

Trainee Type:

Jenya loves working with everyone, no matter what your goal may be. Whether it is healthy living, high performance, learning something new, or preparing yourself for a physically demanding career – it is Jenya’s passion, and she will convince you it’s yours too!

Training Philosophy:

Jenya believes that progress is not linear, that growth is not perfect, and that goals are achieved by accepting the messy, the tough, and the unknown that comes with it. Training, and life, is about rolling with the punches and resilience – and who better to remind you than your coach?

Favourite Exercise:

The Pull Up, or any exercise to do with the vertical or horizontal PULL, an exercise that’s been done from what feels like the beginning of time. The pull up is the ultimate test for upper body strength and endurance, and a mark of pride for many. In a world where sitting leaning over a computer is so common, a properly done pull up is a full body exercise that challenges your grip, trunk, your upper AND lower body! Although it is an exercise that intimidates many, it actually has plenty of variations to meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey, and is a vital component of your shoulder health!

Jenya Hancharuk