Personal Trainer

Daniel Rousseau


  • American Council on Exercise – Certified Personal Trainer
  • NAIT – Personal Fitness Trainer
  • The BioMechanics Method – Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • National Lifesaving Society – Swim Instructor, First Aid Instructor & Lifeguard


Daniel has been a Coach and Personal Trainer for over 20 years. In high school, he was a national level competitive swimmer – later becoming a swim coach and instructor. His enthusiasm working with coaches and athletes led him to personal training. Daniel started training in the 90’s with Western Canadian bodybuilding champions. Since then, his experience and continued education have allowed him to expand his approach, focusing more on functional strength, corrective exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Daniel is an active swimmer, trail runner, hiker, climber, boxer, diver, archer, and he plays rec league volleyball on Sundays.

Trainee Type:

Daniel enjoys training people who are motivated to make healthy changes to their lifestyle so that they can continue to do, or return to doing, the activities they enjoy most.

Training Philosophy:

“It’s your path, I’m just here to help you find it. We’ll start with the basics, then we can see what you’re capable of.” -Daniel

Favourite Exercise:

At the gym, Daniel’s favorite exercise is a chin up crunch – a closed chain exercise that requires the coordinated engagement of many upper and lower body muscle groups. Outside the gym, Daniel loves trail running. For him, nature is healing and running is therapy.