Personal Trainer

Brenda Shaughnessy


  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology – Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Personal Trainer
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine – Corrective Exercise Specialis


Brenda can’t remember a time in her life when she wasn’t active. She has played many sports, but her dedication to basketball earned her a spot on the women’s varsity team at the University College of the Cariboo. She grew up riding horses, and as an adult fell in love with the sport of Endurance Racing, which she competed in for 15 years. Her current physical pursuits include trail running and ultramarathons, weight lifting, mountain biking, and anything in the mountains.

In 2015 Brenda suffered a severe concussion in a horse accident, which took over a year for her to recover from. This traumatic experience transformed her life and put her on the path to leave her corporate career and pursue her passion in health and fitness as a Personal Trainer and Running Coach.

Then in 2018 Brenda was rear ended and permanently injured. This experience transformed her life again and put her on the path to working with people who have suffered severe injuries and live with chronic pain.

She has combined her experience of being an athlete, suffering severe injuries, and spending the last seven years actively learning about strengthening mindset to work with people who need help overcoming physical challenges and the mental and emotional challenges that come with the physical challenges.

Trainee Type:

Brenda has worked with kids as young as 9, and adults into their early 70s, including people who want long term health and pain-free movement, people who have complex injuries and chronic pain, hockey and ringette teams, and long-distance runners. Brenda loves the dichotomy of working with people who have complete freedom of movement and people who have a difficult time moving.

Training Philosophy:

Brenda’s philosophy is to train where you’re at, not where you used to be or where you think you should be. That means meeting yourself where you are right now. From there, she will help you progress in a safe manner and at a speed that is appropriate for you. To “build your house” you have to start with step one, and be sure that each step is completed before moving on to the next. Brenda also knows that you don’t have to be sore and have trouble walking down stairs to have a training effect – she wants you feel like you did something instead of feeling sore.

Favourite Exercise:

Brenda’s favorite exercise is the Bulgarian Split Squat. It develops balance, core strength, and single leg strength, all of which everyone needs.