Annie West

Personal Trainer


Bachelor of Kinesiology, Physical Education, and Recreation, with a major in Sports Performance from the University of Alberta


All my life I have been active/involved in sports, specifically playing Basketball and Volleyball until the age of 18. With fitness being such a big part of my life it led me to take Kinesiology during my post- secondary schooling, where I was introduced to the Strength and Conditioning world. Working with the Edmonton Police Service first as a practicum student and then as a member of the Fitness Unit provided me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of training while working with a wide variety of cliental.

Trainee Type:

I enjoy working with a wide range of individuals, including athletes, those with occupational fitness requirements such as police officers, fire fighters, as well as members of the general public.

Training Philosophy:

Move, in some way for a period of time every day! To me nothing is better for both your mental and physical health than moving in some capacity.

Favourite Exercise:

1-Arm KB rack Squat, to me nothing feels better then lifting something. Not only does this exercise target lower body strength but it also involves your core and upper body strength and coordination for stabilization during the exercise. The other thing I love about this exercise is that it can be performed by anyone from a novice individual to an experienced individual in the weight room!