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Masks and Lifting Restrictions

As per the Province of Alberta and City of Edmonton, on July 1, 2021, restrictions are being lifted (distancing) and masks are no longer required indoors.

As everyone is aware, the health and safety of our clients has been top priority the last 16 months during this pandemic. We have had ZERO positive Covid-19 cases in our facility, and that is a testament to our clients and trainers following the guidelines. BRAVO and thank you.

We want to continue to make sure you feel comfortable in the facility during your workouts and will move forward cautiously.

As per City of Edmonton, masks are no longer mandatory indoors, but you are still welcome to wear a mask entering and exiting the facility and/or during your workout. You are welcome to do what is necessary to help you feel safe and comfortable.

SVPT trainers are no longer required to wear masks but will do so at your request. We will happily oblige and wear a mask for your session if that is what makes you feel safe and comfortable.

We will continue to stagger appointments to control traffic.

We will continue to observe less movement and some distancing.

We will continue to sanitize equipment after use, and keep the common areas clean.

We will continue to have hand sanitizer throughout the facility for hand hygiene.

If being in the facility with more people makes you uncomfortable, we understand. Please consider booking during a less busy time, or ask your trainer to use the small group room for your session (it also has A/C!!).

If you have ANY concerns or questions about moving forward, please contact Shara immediately at vigeant@shaw.ca or talk to your trainer. Please do not hesitate to voice ANY concerns.

This continues to be a difficult time and we want to move forward in a way that makes our valued clients feel comfortable and safe, but also to allow the business to recover from the last 16 months.

Thank you for your continued support.

The SVPT Team