Michelle Atkins

Personal Trainer


  • Bachelor of Physical Education – University of Alberta
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – NSCA
  • Certified Personal Trainer – CSEP


Michelle grew up playing every sport she possibly could – if it was competitive and physical, she loved it! Once graduating high school and entering post-secondary education, Michelle stepped away from being an athlete and discovered a passion for strength and conditioning. As part of her degree, Michelle completed a practicum with Alberta Sport Development Center working with a broad range of provincial and national level athletes. She currently runs the dryland program for the Olympian Swim Club youth teams.

Michelle has found her way back into athletic competition through the equestrian world, competing in the sport of Eventing.

Trainee Type:

Michelle enjoys working with a variety of clientele from high performance athletes to general population individuals. She believes in always taking the most efficient and effective path to help her clients achieve whatever fitness goals they may have.

Training Philosophy:

Get strong. Strong is cool.

Favourite Exercise:

Squats, more specifically, the overhead squat. The overhead barbell position elevates the center of mass and requires full shoulder extension and good ability to maintain thoracic extension. These aspects of the overhead squat add difficulty, and more importantly, limit opportunities to cheat during execution. Michelle is all about teaching her clients to “feel” what correct movement patterns are and the overhead squat does an excellent job at doing just that.